Monday, February 28, 2011

One Step Ahead

So we turn the page.  We have officially come to the end of Phase I.  That means there's a Phase II, and it should occur sometime around August.  I believe it will be the end of the LO's, and then I can get back to taking my job for granted.  They say it'll be the bloodiest battle yet.

I did, oh yes, I DID get those running sneaks this weekend.  I looked all over the store for this particular brand and tried on several models without finding exactly the right fit.  I sat on a bench to mull over my options, and there beside me was another pair I hadn't seen on the shelves.  They were my size, so I tried them on and they fit like they were custom-made.  I ran around the aisles a bit, played with the shoelaces, and tried to find the price.  Hmm, no price, and no matching display.  The salesperson couldn't find it either.  We never did.  They rang up much, much less than the other sneaks, and I almost wanted to run home!  I got the brand I wanted at half the price point and built just for my foot.

No, I haven't used them yet, I had chores to do yesterday!  By the time I deep cleaned the kitchen, did five loads of laundry, weeded the front gardens, and replanted the stuff that froze in the back, I was in no shape to distance run.  Besides, I'll be following the Runner's World half marathon for beginner's program which specifies cross-training on Sundays.  All the housework I do every Sunday is cross-training!  If that schedule ever varies, I'll jump for joy and hit the jump rope.  Today the treadmill and I have a date.  J might even talk me into going to one of the local parks.

I thought I'd worry less about money after the LO's were over, but now I just feel myself waiting for August.  I'm going to stay on my savings plan and keep pinching those pennies.  Once I finish this contract for the documents, I have another idea for some part-time work that won't be quite so much like my day job.  I set up a shop on Etsy and might start sewing some simple items like white cotton nighties and pajama sets, maybe with kind of a black/white/teal theme for a simple French impression.  (I do like those French Impressionists!)

We'll see; it's a matter of deciding what to put in the shop, and what I like to do in my spare time.  I do enjoy sewing if form fitting and zippers aren't involved, and I have a quality machine.  Sewing is also something I could do with the little J person.  My love, my life!