Friday, February 18, 2011

Resilient like a Collard

Hey, a lot of gardens are waking up!  One of my fav blogs from Cleveland, Ohio is back online and thinking of the seasonal potential.  Check out  Anyone who uses Baker Creek seeds is a friend of mine!

My (B.C.) peas didn't mind the last cold snap and have surprised me with their appearance.  This was my first shot at this type of veggie, so I tried not to expect much.  Then my hopes really fell with the snow and hard freezes. 

My (all heirloom, non-GMO B.C. too!) kale, Boston lettuce, and rainbow chard did freeze off but the spinach and collards loved the cold.  Central Texas Gardener drawled, "You can't kill a collard," and I understand.  They can also stand our summer heat too without bolting too quickly.  Initially, I had put them in the crappiest place in the garden because I thought I didn't care for their taste but I just didn't know them well.  The funny thing is, they're also "green cover", so at the end of the season I'll turn them over and they'll leave that clay-ridden area better than it was.

I'm glad to have learned more about gardening this year.  Even (crop) failures really aren't.

Everything is growth if you know how to look.