Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Busy

I had a loud weekend, full of friends and C's family.  The highlight for me was seeing my friend and J's godmama Tracie, who now has a family of her own.  I should have asked her to bring her flutes along, and we could have jammed some Pink Panther for old time's sake.  She ended up going the music ed route, and teaches choir at the elementary level in SA.  A few days before J was born, I managed to mangle myself in a fall and she was there for me, from the hospital to helping me take care of my new baby J through the surgery and broken bones.  I realized then just how much of a friend she'd been all along, consistent and loving though I'd never taken the time to really get to know her.  I do have pics to post, but I need to find the little converter to upload them from my camera. 

(C snapped this blogshot Friday as we sat on the patio of a Mexican restaurant after J's choir performance.  There may or may not have been a margarita involved.)

I purchased hybrid tomatoes from a box store yesterday for the garden because my supplier lost his stock in the last freeze.  I'm having feelings about this.  I seriously need to learn how to harden off myself next year.  They will get water and they were planted with all the loving care that any plant deserves, and better hybrid homegardened tomatoes than waxy storebought tomatoes later anyway.  I suppose. 

Also this weekend, someone pulled JJ bluebonnet, and I hope it was JJ himself.  The neighborhood kids stop by and pitch in when we garden in the front yard, and I tell them about the different plants and how to take care of them.  In return, they like to name the plants.  I came home Friday to an empty hole, and I don't mind if the kid helped himself to the plant he felt special about, but I do hope it wasn't a random person who just wanted a bluebonnet.  Anyway, we bought a couple bluebonnets at the boxstore too, which also felt really strange, but the Texas bluebonnets just aren't making a showing this year.  Our highway medians have little pink buttercups and plenty of dandelions.  People are saying it's last year's drought, but I have faith.  I think it's a little too early yet.  I have a couple in the yard, but not nearly as many as usual.

I'm ready to have a quiet day, but my schedule says that will not happen.