Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Wanna be Sedated

I'm going to try to have a boring day today.

I had a migraine hit late last night (damn things), and since I was five minutes behind schedule this morning, I missed the last spot in my favorite parking lot.  I hope I can find my car after work.  I didn't miss a dose of Topamax, it was just a breakthrough fluke.  My right cheek went numb, I couldn't feel my right hand, and I went partially blind in my right eye.  I was working on my contract documents and I couldn't remember how to double-click.  I did manage to finish four more docs after the symptoms began because doing something normal makes me feel less scared.  These are typical symptoms for my migraines, like little strokes.

Migraines leave me with what I call "residues" for a couple days.  I have shallower comprehension and I have to think a step ahead so I can mentally double-check my communication before it emits.  My speech is slow, my fingers type slow, and everything feels a little bit like a stutter.  I have to be careful about decision making and interpretation in my tasks.  Driving felt too fast this morning and I had to focus with all my attention.

Thankfully I was ahead of myself yesterday and already submitted today's assignments to The Man. 

Please, Universe, go easy on me until later today.  Then I'll take an easy run at the park and enjoy your sweet cedary scents.  My plan says 2 mins running, 2 mins walking, repeat 10X today.  I can do that.