Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lessons Everywhere

Ms. Brach has thoughtful things to say.  I came to her site today because I have tedious reports to do (those many pages of little numbers that I check this time of year) and I appreciate her wisdom during these long, quiet days.  I'm just starting on the 2011 series, and this one caught my eye.

Listen with me if you like, "Inviting Life's Difficulties to Tea",

I'm expecting to travel to SA this weekend to meet up with mi familia for an intervention.  I knew things were amiss, but you have to let people lead their lives and live their choices.  I believe that, except that the situation escalated recently and there are kiddos involved.  I hope that CPS isn't part of the process, but it has been mentioned in the family discussions.  We just don't know what we'll find.