Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Go to Give

I ran at the track yesterday, the hardest workout I've done in awhile.  I felt sick to my stomach, my tongue was swollen, my lungs were on fire, I kept looking for somewhat private areas where it might be safe to hurl, and it was wonderful!  I kept my stomach and pushed.

The coolest part was meeting one of my coworkers and watching our daughters play in the sidelines while we got down to sweaty business.  Daughters are wonderful.  Mine rode in the front seat and sang pop songs with me on the way there and back.  I can't believe how tall she is, and I do let her coplilot when we're in our little town driving under 35 mph.  I give her tips and teach her how to be a good driver as we go.  Five years isn't far away :(

I had a realization this morning, that life events and stress are like yoga asanas (postures).  In yoga, I move from one posture to the next, and I don't lament the change; I don't wonder what's coming up next. I just follow the sequesce or do as instructed or do as my body wants, depending on the setting.  In each pose, I lengthen some muscles and hold others accountable.  I pay attention to the moment whether enjoyable or painful. I understand the effects on my body.  Sometimes I can't push as much as I want to and other times I can push much more that I thought I could.  My ego eases if I pay more attention to my task.

More reports to check today, and I don't know any more about my extended family than I did yesterday.  I have let go of my frantic worry so that I can be a receptive vessel for anything that comes my way.

Let go, let go, let go.  I will be here for the next asana.