Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sticking It

Run, baby.  I've been all over my new tennies.  I haven't picked a race or set any real goal other than to complete the 8-week training program from Runner's World.  Then we'll see.  I love the new shape I see in the mirror; it's leaner than my yoga physique and I credit the sheer cardioness of the workout for the changes.  I'm not doing it to see changes anyway, I just need something to drain my excess energy.  The thought of mom coming to visit and give opinions on what I need to do around the house gives me more energy than I can sit with.

In other news, C is going back to UTSA to finish his last year of school.  I was there to witness the demise of his education, and I am very happy that he's getting back on his band director track and concluding/beginning his dream.  He has to find himself or he'll never be happy.  I completely support his decision.  He's floundered ever since the day he dropped out.  A diploma doesn't matter for the paper it's printed on, but on the way there you learn about drive, ambition, follow-through, and self-respect.  There are a million tiny steps before you get to walk the diploma stage, so many are painful and humiliating, but so many are wonderful learning opportunities too.

When I graduated, there were a few moments during the ceremony when I wasn't paying attention.  I heard the crowd applauding for what seemed a really long time.  I started looking around to see what the big deal was.  Everyone was on their feet for a standing ovation.  For what?  I couldn't see...  Then two people began to climb the stairs to the stage, one leading the other.  I realized that the one being led was visually impaired and that he'd completed his degree course with a challenge that I hadn't faced nor considered.  I'd spent quite a bit of time creating my own obstacles, yet here was this person who couldn't see the color of the honor sashes he wore.  I stood and gave him all my gratitude through the sound of my hands.  In that moment, I truly cherished the success of all my peers.