Monday, April 11, 2011

Gardening Report

I finally pulled the last of my Baker's Creek spinach this weekend.  It had begun to bolt a couple weekends ago and I've been keeping it in check by trimming the flowers until we could harvest the last of it.  Saturday morning found J and me chopping leaves (I threw in a couple chard and kale leaves when she wasn't looking) and sauteing them in a bit of garlic.  They met up with some diced tomatoes and garlic, then some ricotta cheese to make a yummy filling for omelets.  We devoured our goods on the back patio with toast, "moo milk", and coffee.

I made further use of the garden for lunch that afternoon while J went to her cousin's soccer game and left me in the empty house.  I called my bff Greg in SA and he kept me company as I pulled the last head of Bibb lettuce.  I mixed together salmon and corn, then grated garden radish for some crispy lettuce wraps.  It still tasted a little plain, so I dug around and came up with some lemon thyme, parsley, and chives.  A little salt and pepper, and I was good to go.  It was messy fare but G doesn't mind a little crunch in his ear.  He prattled on about his kiddos while I washed dishes, too.  We talk about everything under the sun and often cook together via phone.

Now that my winter greens are gone, I have plenty of room to plant eggplant and peppers.  I'm still sad to see the greens go, and I might try growing them again in the summer heat and harvesting as microgreens.  The tomatoes are doing well and last week's okra seeds have become this week's seedlings.  My kohlrabi experiment was a success and tonight we'll pull those for dinner, though I have no idea what to do with them.  The Brussels sprouts are a mere 6" high and won't fare well in the upcoming heat.  I'll keep them around for my amusement, but I would expect any sprouts to be rather bitter.

Sunday was full of housecleaning and more spinach.  I pulled the last of the plants and enjoyed those as a side dish to some nice, fat pork chops.  I also made brown rice in a steamable bag- we never eat rice because I ALWAYS choke on it, but I kept my breath and it was actually quite nice.  I prepared it with more fresh parsley a la couscous style and tossed in some peas that just began to produce within the last couple weeks.  We topped off our meal, also served on the back patio, with some fresh strawberry-oatmeal cookies.  J pretty much made those herself, and all I did was get the ingredients out of the cabinets for her.  She even cut up the berries with a little paring knife.

J will be spending the summer with my mom and Mike in FL.  I can't write about that much yet.  I know it's a great opportunity for her to grow and become more than she is now, but it hurts to let her go. 

She will always be part of my garden, but she must learn to tend her own.