Saturday, April 16, 2011

Picture Day

My mom taught me how to sew using Barbie doll patterns.
J prefers American Girl dolls, and I hope she has good memories of her first sewing project with me.

Her baby's nightie matches my baby's nightie!

My stepmom started me knitting last Christmas.
My second project turned into an American Girl babydoll hat.

Gruene, TX on a beautiful Saturday several weekends ago

Our family had a very good day in Gruene
They have jackalopes and ice cream there!

A randomly placed downtown Austin pic

Aunt Michelle's carrot seeds turned into something good
These are supposed to grow short and fat, good for our clay soil

The opposite of downtown

Goat eyes creep me out.
I do love cabrito from my favorite bbq place in Mason.
Maybe I'll see this guy again on a plate with a side of peppered vinegar.