Monday, May 23, 2011

Life Goes On

So many big stresses have marked themselves off my calendar.  Big reporting season at work- check.  B-day and slumber party for J- check.  Yoga studio meet and greet- check.  C's management test for work- check (and passed with flying colors!).

Now I'm waiting for mom to arrive.  I've been so stressed about this too, and I decided that was a silly waste of time, so I had a few conversations with her about feelings and expectations.  I'm glad I opened up a little about my anxiety because it gave us a chance to talk about what she does and doesn't expect in the way of perfection from me and my home.  I'm glad to be able to talk to my mom openly.

After mom arrives, she'll stay for a week and then leave with J.  Oh my heart!!  My J!!  I've never loved so deeply.  I just can't talk anymore about this subject yet.

I learned a lot about J while watching and listening to her interact with her friends during the slumber party.  She's bossy, loud, and quite obnoxious.  I know a different side of her and was surprised to see this monster-child.  I have room in my heart to love all sides of her, and she needs to explore who she wants to be.  I didn't expect it, and at first I was a little saddened that my innocent little thing was really a wolf in sheep's clothing, but aren't we all?? 

Yes, we are.