Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lights Beyond

The last one standing July 18th wins.  That's our final date for LO's.  Layers will peel away before then, but there's my goal. 

J saw Pres. O yesterday.  Little did we know he'd drive right across her path!  It's good for her to be excited about her country. 

(Pres. O, are you here to inspire our legislators to fix our state budget?  Will you ask them why they lowered the chewing tobacco tax?  That one senator said, "We chew that stuff around here", but maybe you could straighten them out.  Oh excuse me, you're here to campaign.  Once upon a time I thought the President of the United States was The Most Powerful Man on Earth.)

Now I realize it was Christopher Reeves.

J leaves for FL in three weeks.  I can't say anything more about that right now.  I will miss singing to her at night.  She is my Amazing Grace.  My Sunshine, my Only Sunshine.

And so we try to enjoy the little moments in between the big events.