Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cooking is Work

Mmmm, tamale pie with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce...  Thanks, 'Simply Delicioso'!  I added zucchini and yellow squash but followed the rest of the recipe so I could learn to cook with some new flavors.

Mmmm, gramma's country-style pork ribs for the Fourth of July with a few giant, meaty organic chicken thighs tossed in for variety...  I was worried that I'd forgotten this recipe, but I relied on my gut instinct and the dish came out juicy, fork-tender, finger-lickin' good.  Cook unseasoned meat in a dish covered in foil, in a 250 degree oven for two hours.  Remove foil, brush meat with bbq sauce, crank up the oven to 350 and cook another 30 minutes.  Thanks, gramma, you will always be in my heart. 

C's boss is coming for dinner tomorrow, and I haven't quite decided on my menu.  I'm looking at the Skillet Chicken Parmesan from 'Cook's Country'.  I can't get enough PBS (local public access tv) on the weekends.  Does anyone else remember the happy painter with the big afro?  He painted a lot of happy trees while narrating in his happy, soothing voice.  I also love 'Car and Driver' and 'The Daytripper'.  I have no idea why I'm paying for 900 channels.

J is still having a great time in FL.  I miss her terribly but I'm glad she's making new friends and enjoying her dance classes there.

Layoffs begin at my work next Monday.  I put all my nervous energy into landscaping the front yard this weekend.  The rock garden is finally complete and I turned all the bushes into tidy poof balls.  The backyard gardens need more work but that can wait.  I'm sure I'll have more nervous energy this weekend.

My coworkers have been talking about their layoff dreams, and I finally had mine last night.  I dreamt I lost my house to one of my least favorite people, and that I was informed of it in a Division meeting in front of everyone.  I was also not wearing mascara but it didn't bother me.  My gramma was there, too.  In all I got a couple hours of sleep and I'm trying to have a productive day regardless.  I'm glad to be starting the workweek on a Tuesday.  It's also very quiet in the office, as many people have taken today off to extend their weekend.  Aside from my lunch break right now (complete with blueberries!), I'm getting a lot done with few interruptions.

That's all I'm asking; just let me work.  Let my family be secure, and let me continue providing sustaining food for the people in my life.

If all goes well, I'm back on that training plan for the SA marathon in October.  Run free, baby.