Monday, July 25, 2011

Running on a New Week

How does Monday always flip around the weekend so quickly?  It's like anticipating a cherry pie only to have the berries sear rather than delight your tastebuds. 

Here we are all content in the weekend then suddenly you wake up one day and instead of having time to commune with the garden, it's time for the 45 minute commute.  No lazy cup of coffee for you!  Gulp it down and buckle those shoes!  Buckle down to work!

I had a fantastic time at my inlaws' yesterday, and though they are a loud bunch, they do cook up some mean venison burgers and wild boar pork chops.  Oh heaven on a plate!   It's like Texas in my belly.  One thing I love about local meats is that the raising and transportation factors are absent, and the animals are much less likely to suffer.  Good ole boys can get a quick, clean kill and one nice, grass-fed overpopulated happy little deer fed about 12 people.  This particular stock was gifted to our family by a first-time soldier who's been called to Iraq.  Blessings to you, my friend, and be safe over there.

Last week was...  so...  Wonderful things happened and sad things happened.  All we can do is acknowledge our part in the course of life.  You can't control everything you'd like to. 

Saturday was one of those sad days but in the end, when I'm all alone with no one else to answer to, I'm craving the freedom of the run.  I wish I could do it all day, and in the best of my training, I do feel like I could run forever.  At that point, my lungs process air beautifully- not out of breath, but as efficiently as a new car!  My quad muscles grow tighter until I know it's time to cool down and stretch. 

I can feel my favorite blue shorts and tennies waiting for me today.   My lungs will complain, but I'll keep that Alamodome race in my mind. 

Yoga tomorrow for a great stretch.