Thursday, August 4, 2011


Why yes, waiter, I will have a hurricane with my pancakes this morning.

So fluffy!

Just like in one of J's favorite movies!
Can you see, it says "Zoltar"?
(only one more day...)

The architecture here is so breathtaking.

Aaah, state funding...
there's no place like home!

Cafe Du Monde!!!
Look at that lovely cafe au lait-  I'll never be able to do it like this at home.

I love all the museums here, mostly centering around Canal Street

Off the beaten path. 
This one's for you, G-man!

I had my first muffaletta sandwich at Cafe Beignet;
it's like a sliced meat concoction with a chopped olive spread. 
Very nice!

I loved this.

And this too.

Embedded in the pavement,
but nothing's ever set in stone.

It's all temporary, girl.  Enjoy the ebb and flow of it all.