Friday, August 5, 2011


Very expensive houses!
What caught my eye was the way this tree stretched across the front.

I took a couple hundred "house pics" from the trolley that runs up and down St. Charles.
My first trolley experience was very anxiety-ridden, with clanks and bangs
from our rail car, and at one point, a FLASH of white electric light from the steering area.
No one else seemed to mind, so I went ahead and enjoyed the excitement!

There are many churches and joggers in this area.
Tulane and Loyola Universities are just beautiful.

Look at this arrangement of trees, emphasized by the swaying moss.

We had a less than Texas-sized thunderstorm early this afternoon.
Hopefully it gave Bourbon street a good wash- the smell there yesterday was rank and the early afternoon fumbling, bumbling drunk crowd was not my style. 
I even saw a grown man fall down in slow motion right on the sidewalk!
His friend was of little assistance!

I liked downtown and the street musicians that popped up on every street.
We also found some fabulous art dealers and antique stores.

I discovered two new (old and dead) artists I couldn't peel my eyes away from:

William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905), specifically "Pandore" 
I recommend "The Earrings" from Museum Syndicate, almost equally thrilling for comparison!

Jan Portielje (1829-1908), "Young Woman with Parakeet" $135,000
Here is "Ophelia" auctioned by Christie's which demonstrates his style.

I also found a hair salon in the middle of these art studios and got my hair a little more modern-tailored for my tastes.  I love the results!  Thanks,!

Mmmmm, lunchtime. 
C was headed for the Italian place next door, but it turned out to be closed.
Hello, my darling gyro and spinach pie with sumac!

As we left, someone wanted change for his counterfeit $5.
We've already been taken once over on Decatur Street, and that girl had a lot better spiel.
That one was actually worth the experience!

I'm fascinated by the doorways here.
I love the carriage light on this porch and the soft inky indigo blue of the doors.

My favorite pic of the day.

I hope you enjoy too!

J is arriving early, so instead of meeting my mom in Slidell, we'll actually meet here in NO in just another hour or so.  I CANNOT wait to see my daughter, my life, my breath again.

Tomorrow morning, Houston will call our name and we'll check out some astro action at NASA.

More pics this evening, of me and my gal.