Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I'm settling back into my routines, and realize what a comfort they are.  Awake to KMFA and up out of bed, grumbling, no later than 6:15.  Out of the driveway and generally happy by 7:00. 

Changes are coming in a couple weeks with J's back-to-school schedule.  Shifts are uncomfortable, but these are the places to find growth.  I feel resistance since it means quite a bit more work on my end. 

Yes, self, having a lovely kiddo around means more work.  (I'd do it a million times for one of her smiles.)

Today is yoga day!  Time to coax this champagne-soaked physique back into a firm form.  That soft layer has settled over my muscles again.  It's not bad or good, I feel no judgement about the work my body craves.

Today's goal- "work harder, do more."

Except duing yoga-  "now is of wonder."

Shall the twain ever meet?  I can decide that every moment if I choose.