Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fresh Ideas

At first, I thought I'd picked up nothing special.  On the outside, you really didn't look any different than the rest, just another front to face.

Then something caught my eye, and even now, I can't put my finger on the uniqueness that drew my second glance.  There may have been a different weight to our initial experience, or maybe the colors of my perception shifted enough to pull my curiosity in to you.

Whatever it was, I did look again.  I came so close to filing you on the bookshelf by mistake. 

I always delight to see you, Ikea catalogue!  Hello, old friend- restyled for 2011!!!! 

Oh wait...  there was more mail? 

And now it's dropped all over the floor around my feet?  

It can stay. 

I am very busy now.