Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Friendly Day

I got a text message during my grumpy time this morning, at 6:09 AM.  Oh my goodness, who would dare!?!

Then I thought maybe it was my friend Y, who has my thoughts lately for reasons she understands.  I'm so sorry, Y.

It turned out to be my Dom!  Happy b-day, Dom baby!!!!  I love you with all me heart and soul, forever and ever.

After a few excited text exchanges, and a change of clothes into a very pretty dress suitable for Dom's b-day (though I won't even see her, it's just an homage), what do I find at work??

My best friend T!!  She's back from Japan and will soon pour that famous Earl Grey of hers.  We chatted for almost an hour, and I suppose at some point I should get some work done...

I love days full of friends. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Oh, I had a dream about a coworker, that she was waving to me and was wearing lime green and navy- I have to go see what she's wearing today...  may post later with update on this ridiculous idea.)