Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Perfect

Of course, by now we've picked up my girl.  I'm surprised at how tall she is, yet how immature and childish she remained throughout the summer.  I love that I can still grow her.

NO has been interesting.  You really have to watch yourself there; many people are ready on standby to take you for what you're worth.  I was surprised that it wasn't like the little Paris as the Hollywood movies portrayed it.  I'm glad we stayed in the Garden district, and only one trip to Bourbon Street was enough to teach me that I don't want that type of entertainment or attention.

As many pics as I took on the way there, I didn't take a single one on the way back.  The only one I was tempted to shoot was of the sign welcoming me back to my state.  I tried to sleep most of the way up until that point from our departure...  My neck is tired and my booty is sore.  I need my vegetables, my gardening, my olive oil and garlic, my white comforter (only I fully understand the potential sweetness of those comforts that rest within!).  I actually miss my dreaded routine of work.  I must be in love with life. 

Back to the Lawrence Welk show in La Porte, Texas.  I love you dearly, my state.  I'm so glad to be back home.  I love my public access stations, too.  I can't wait to get back to cooking with all you shows every weekend.

Get me to my treadmill!  I have a November half-marathon, baby!

(this champagne didn't help much either!)

Thank you, Universe, for my daughter.  Again and again and again.