Monday, August 1, 2011

My Tone

I miss my Dominique so much.  I've tried calling, calling, calling, waiting the appropriate number of weeks and even months in between.  I'd made up my mind to try again, this time with more mental effort than before, silly me.

This is my best friend, my soul-mate.

After this weekend's attempt/failure to reach her again, I'm just crushed.  We're missing out on each other's lives.

I have so much to share with you, my dear!  So much is happening in my life, I have so many questions that only you can answer.  I want to be there for yours.

I'll never give up on my Dom.  I may stop with the phone calls; how can I not wait? 

On an oddly related note- a dream came true for me on Saturday- I walked out into my yard, and a spear of asparagus had popped up out of nowhere.  Do you remember I blogged this dream a few weeks ago??  I stood there feeling like I'd stepped out of my wakeful world for a moment, then I touched it to see if it was real. 

If only a dragonfly had landed on it, I would have known for sure that Dom was thinking of me.

Please Universe, reconnect our line. 

I'd really like my best friend back, pretty please.