Friday, September 2, 2011


Ego deflated...  In a way, it feels internally healthy.  I've changed my title on the signature on my outgoing emails.  Oh well, they're just words.  A wise friend says, "You are not what you do for a living", or something like that.

My car was jerking on the freeway this morning.  Did I pull over?  No.  I turned down the radio.  I have to go trade this clunker in.  My credit is still healing from past wounds and now I'll have to commit several years to another piece of crap before my score is healthy.  Sign your name on another soon-to-be-broken-down line.  "You are not what you drive" either, but safety matters. 

I've been feeling pretty blue, so it's time for a list of things that make me happy.  Deeply and truly grateful to be alive, and that make me sparkle:
  • Deep hugs from my daughter
  • Galway on the radio
  • Dancing to pop music in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon
  • A perfectly balanced meal arranged just so on my plate
  • Clean, cold sheets
  • Digging through that elusive skinny jeans stack in the closet and finding a perfect fit
  • Crossing new jeans off the neverending shopping list
  • Planning my winter garden
The next one gets a whole paragraph.  * I found The Wall last night.  I don't mean my forever lost Pink Floyd cd...  On the menu for my running program last night was a long "easy" (ha) run.  Though I didn't cover the distance I'd hoped, I did meet my time length requirement without getting winded.  Just at the finish point, my entire body- legs, core, neck, even my brain all said STOP at the same time.  I was thirsty, began a little headache, and my muscles turned to jello all in the same instant.  It was amazing to go from feeling like a stallion who could run forever one second to a loping hyena the next.  I walked off the cool down though my ego screamed at me to finish the distance. 

There's always another day to sparkle baby, even if you don't feel like it now.

Just keep coming back.