Thursday, October 13, 2011

J on Joe

I had a happy little girl on my hands last night!  Arrrgh me maties, she's gonna be a pirate for Halloween!  I thought she was going to be Frankengirl as she had decided immediately after her head injury last month, but as time has passed, it seems she doesn't want to revisit the event.  She's ready to let go.  I was pretty tired when I got home yesterday, but what better pick-me-up than to take her costume shopping and make her day!

I'm still sore from Tuesday's yoga but began my morning today with some lovely stretches.  Hello, me.  It's so nice to bend and move the way I want without being told "NO!" by my own body.  I'm also loving my protein Odwalla this morning with half a cup of black coffee.

You wouldn't believe how much more efficient my work is on the java rather than tea.  I know they both have caffeine, but I'm reminded why I like to drink coffee at work.  At home, I love the smell and ritual.  I've got the French press down to an artform now!  L, if you're out there, you'd be proud!  Or maybe you'd tell me it was about damn time!  I dedicate my cup of black joe to you out there in the ether this morning.  To all the coffee drinkers, past and present!!

Obviously I need to slow down on the coffee.  (and it's only been 1/4 cup!)