Thursday, October 6, 2011

Outdoor Reverence

I'm going to see if I can talk Dr. Chiropractor into letting me do a light (ha) trail run on Saturday.  The weather is perfect, my other health issues are better, and I'm only barely sore from Monday's little fender bender. 

I even have child care lined up so I can run this one alone.  I don't mind taking J alongside me on her bike, but she minds that I don't run as fast as she can pedal!  After about ten minutes, the complaining begins.  Then after just a couple laps around the park, she's done.  I want to go a couple more!  It's all about pacing, little J- someday you'll learn to harness and utilize that exuberance to your advantage. 

C finished his management training program last week and has his permanent assignment with his company.  His new schedule means FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT is back!!!!!  Saturdays can also be family days again, but I'll be headed for the Catholic church with J on Sundays.  This is a bit uncomfortable for me since I'm not Catholic, but I've learned how to blend, when to kneel, and not to skip the holy water upon arriving at the church (a few odd stares is all it takes for me to know I'm in the "wrong").  Still, that water ritual doesn't seem all that sanitary, given that everyone is sticking their fingers in it, and then I'm supposed to wipe it on my forehead...  It would be nice if they had an automated dispenser.

I always find my solace in the dew drops of my early morning garden.  I replaced some plants that died in our intense August/September heat, and the front cottage garden is starting to look nice again.  I can't wait for my Arbor Day Foundation order to arrive- hello oak trees, crepe myrtles, rose-of-sharons, and one other tree I forgot the name of!  I also ordered some maroon bonnets through Amazon to overwinter along with our usual blues. 

It is time to be outside.