Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I can't say I've followed my heart for every decision. 

Most of the time we're probably all following social norms.  I'm doing what's expected of me. 

Sometimes we go against this, and do exactly as we please.  We all have that inner voice, the push, I call it, that lives deep inside with it's lofty goals and ambitions.  This makes us unique as individuals, or we'd all end up digging the same ditches.

Then there are those goals that are actually created by that old reverse-psychology trick, by someone telling you that you can't do something.  Hey girl, you can't go to college- who do you think you are???  Suddenly, this girl desperately needed to go to college.  So what if I starved a little along the way or lived out of my car for a week here and there.  Did you do some things you weren't proud of?  Did you get what you wanted, and does it serve you today???

What are your goals now? 

What are you seeking?

What are you attaining?

What is driving you?

Is it pure?