Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Few More

I love this time of year, and the build up to New Year's excites me!!

Last year I was more than cranky at the drive-thru guy through his speaker on New Year's Eve, just a few minutes before midnight.  It was a horrible day, year...  When he didn't hear my order the first time, I said, "Are you even listening??  Are even you paying attention??"  Then I spoke absurdly slowly as if I was dealing with a complete idiot.

By the time I pulled up to the window, I was so upset with myself and I apologized profusely.  If you know me at all, maybe you would know how generally kind I am to the walk-on characters who pass in and out of my life.  I said I was so sorry, that I was having a terrible day, and to please accept my apology for being so short with him.  He looked surprised.  When he came back with my order, he told me to try to have a really great night and not to worry about it.  The sincerity in his eyes was worth a million bucks to me.  I just said I was so sorry again.

I know this year will be a little better. 

I have fireworks on the inside.

Keep loving life, girl.  You'll never make all the perfect choices, but you can enjoy life for what you're worth.