Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I stepped up my goals since the 5K and it turns out that I can plod along at a reasonable pace for some time.  Sunday and Tuesday were both very long runs for me, each uniquely frustrating and fulfilling.

I have a new race, the Austin 1020, oh so kindly gifted to me (thank you!!!!!!!!!) which is 10 miles long.  A 10K is 6.2 and I managed that in an hour and 21 mins Tuesday night.  It's a long road ahead, and I'm still not sure that I accept this as a long-term part of my lifestyle.  I'll decide after the April 15th race.  It's a special date.

I've been at conferences this week, lunching with coworkers, Christmas shopping, decking the halls, and in general enjoying myself as much as possible.  My beautiful red gown for the Nutcracker ballet performance arrived and fits!!  I still have goals there too, but apparently I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

It may be time to relax and go with the flow a little more.

How does a person not worry so much?

Is it in trusting your own opinions... actions... worth?

When it comes to J, I trust my choices.  I know without a doubt what's what because I'm the Mommy and I trust my intentions to do what's best for her.  The rest of the time- in my own personal life, I second-guess, take others' voices above my own, and attempt invisibility.  If I have the capability to be a strong parent, then I have it in me to be a strong self.

Bark big, little dog!  Run and play!