Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dragonfly Within

Good job, chickadee, for shedding a couple lbs this week.  The right way.

I attacked those hills like it was nobody's business.  I lifted weights higher than ever.  I flexed my willpower on my nutrition.  That's what we call determination.

Maybe my pictures don't win first prize, but the lesson here: my drive lives.

Even through this hard week, I didn't wimper in a corner.  I put on my boxing gloves.  In my alone moments, I thrive.  I lace up my shoes and go.  I smile with my friends.  That's what we call resilience.

That's what we call self love.

How about that dragonfly tattoo?  Can you look in the mirror and say unconditional to yourself?

(I do think it.  I can see it on my lips.)