Monday, April 23, 2012

A Perfect Weekend

I'll have pics to post soon.

Sunday was my furthest, happiest distance yet, and the closest I've been to a running meditation. 

I also figured out the benefit to trail running vs street running is that you slide when you fall, rather than scraping off skin.  Dirt and rocks roll nicely beneath you.  Also, near falls are much more jarring to the body than actual falls.  The sudden pulling back into position is harder on the joints, tendons, muscles, all that inner stuff, wheres flying into the ground is somewhat relaxed.  Okay, so you lose a bit of skin in any case, but you learn to shake it off like a missed note and keep going.

In all, I fear so much less. 

Brave girl, you are a trail runner!

Strong woman, you are more than your daughter's mama!

Giving soul, you belong here and I love you!

Next up, my first street marathon in a tiny TX town somewhere.  I'll run it as easy as I can~ running happy and smart is more important than the clock.