Friday, May 18, 2012


Stand up for yourself!  This is perfect.

Right now, I choose to see my difficult situation clearly.  I need time to ruminate on what "standing up" means. It starts with a plan, a clear head.  Panicked or frustrated action is best avoided.

Calm, precise decision-making is POWERFUL.

Looking at the kid in this picture reminds me that I'm missing J's birthday weekend.  I have commitments I have to attend if I want to keep my job.  I know she's disappointed. 

We're both looking forward to our special day together, a celebration of her.  Beneath her disappointment is a solid, deep knowledge that her mommy loves her.  She sees it in my eyes, hears it in my voice when I sing to her at night, and feels it every time I touch her sweet hair.

I know what it means to love.