Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Ranch 30K

That 30K turned into an approximate 20K, or around 16 miles for me, including my mistaken start.  I got lost before the race even began!

"Love and Determination" certainly earned its title.  Loop 1 was "Determination".  Loop 2 was "Love".  There was no Loop 3, and I pulled out for my first DNF.

I'm not quite sure what happened out there, but from the very start, I couldn't catch my breath.  I was a wheezing fool, and got a lot of second looks from runners passing me by.  A lot of "doin' ok? and hang in there" encouragements were tossed over their shoulders as they endured their own paths. 

My legs feel great and I'm ready for another run today.  My body is in good shape.  This happened when I first joined athletics in high school.  I was a chubby ninth grader and the summer before tenth, I decided I needed some kind of push.  I joined those sweaty beasts doing two-a-days in the summer heat and the stifling gym eight hours a day and watched my body change.  I wheezed my way through it all.  The coaches thought I had asthma and made me carry an inhaler, which did no good.

I'm not out of shape though, so perhaps I'm undershape for this particular task.  It only happens when I'm pushing on the trails.  It hasn't happened during street running. 

Here we go, folks, time to tune my machine. 

The trees don't care if I finish or not, but I do.

I finished this race more in love than I ever have been.