Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunday Love and Determination

I really didn't want to run the last 30K.  I've completed all of the 30K runs in the Rogue series so far, and "The Ranch" is the last one. 

"The Maze" was simply incredible and I truly had a great time.  Each of the others, "The Loop" and one that is separate from the Rogue series, "Hell's Hills" brought up some old feelings of abandonment.  I also have a huge fear of getting lost in the woods.  And I feel like I'm in the way of the real runners because I'm constantly stepping off the trail so they can pass me by.

I've learned a lot about trail running, and about myself.  Here's what I know:
  • I have solidified my own safety in life
  • I belong with this group of runners if I choose to belong
  • I can finish the 18.6 mile task
  • I am sometimes in the way of other runners, but it's not an actual problem
  • If I get lost, I will make myself findable
  • I am not abandoned because I begin and end the journey for myself
  • This is one of my sports

I will run Sunday because this is what I do.  It's not easy. 

That's EXACTLY why I'm drawn to it.