Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Makeover!

Things aren't great with my foot.  But they're better.

That big toe that I could always pop turned out to be an issue.  It was fun to freak my mom out all those years...

A month since my injury, my foot doesn't always throb when it's elevated.  Those shooting pains only wake up after I walk on it.  Every morning doesn't find me in pain.

I know it needs more rest, and I'll work with a podiatrist to get some good orthotics to relieve pressure from the specific area.  Friday's MRI says that I have "dancer's toe", and not "the end of the world".  I can work with this.  That wonky toe pulls on tendons that run through my arch, under my heel, and make my Achilles and ankle sore.  It seems to be a common thing.

Funny, cuz I only dance in the kitchen when I'm cooking.

I'm NOT a graceful swimmer!!  For all my splashing and floundering in the lanes, I'm enjoying this journey too.

Never give up.

(I hope you like my blog's new dress!)