Thursday, August 2, 2012


Morton's neuroma and bipartite sesamoid.  The neuroma is actually the one causing the pain. 

I left the podiatist with a foot full of steroids thanks to that long needle, and I hope to be pain free by my next appointment in two weeks.

I might be able to start running again if this works.  Goodbye, high heels.  I have ADORED you!

I've glanced briefly at flat shoe styles online with grim results.  I've also searched "comfort shoes" with even more disparagaing returns.  Yuck.  Those are some seriously ugly options.

Give me glitter.  Give me velvet.  Give me some cool punky spikes on the outside, and maybe a strap around my ankle.  I'll have to make do.

We're gonna runnnnnnnnnnnnnn soon!

(said the swimmer)

Appropriate for today: 
Tara Brach's lecture, Freedom: Taking the Backward Step