Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Garage It

I used to park in the lot until I got my shiny brand new car a couple months ago.  I try not to love it too much because it's just a thing.  I try to appreciate it for it's safety and the lack of stress I have, always worrying about a breakdown.  Putting gas in this little hottie is fun, though now I insist on walking my credit card into the store... I found out the hard way that swiping at the pump means getting your card cloned.

To save my paint, interior, and legs from getting blistered by the summer heat, I've been parking in various garages.  Even the space at home got an overhaul so my car could have a happy little shelter.  You take your chances in Austin, but it's just a thing.  You can only worry it so much.  I've even become comfortable parking in those claustrophobic city garages.

I do wish those big Texas trucks wouldn't park at the ends of the rows.  It makes the turns tight!  I'm surprised nobody ever clips their boxy tails.

The guy who dug for a cigarette and stuck it in his mouth just as he entered this morning- I wonder if he does this routine in the same place every day??  Those smoking creatures of habit!  I used to play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot_gmLiCCrU every time I pulled in (but remember the year my sweet red sportscar was repo'd with my cd still in the player?  One of these days I'll replace that sexy cd.)

Take the elevators or work the stairs.  Brave the social lift or the pigeon poop, your choice.  I like those stairs, and sometimes the elevator people see you so they hold the door.  You have to wave and not look holier-than-thou because you're choosing the extra exercise.  We all end up at the bottom together.

On special days like today, you might find me having to slip between a couple cars to turn my shirt around the right way. 

Or maybe that's just my normal day.