Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Things Afoot

Just when you didn't think I could add any more into this trip, I'm adding a Destination #4 and #5.  Other than New Orleans, these are all places I've never been.

Today I'm highlighted by a studded black leather belt.  I love it.  Wearing flat shoes hasn't been all that bad.  There are other accessories in this world, you know.  I have room in my heart for all of them!

Flat shoes bring me to the following point:  I start running this week!  Not that pool running nonsense, either.  Pool running lost me when that giant green bubbly mucous glob floated across my path.  For the first time, I took a really good look around and saw hair, dirt, bugs all swimming along with me.  I barely kept my stomach.  Ten minutes later I finished my last lap, hopefully for a VERY long time. 

I know land running is gross too, but it's my own grossness and occasionally that of my fellow runners.  Yeah, it sprays a bit, but at least we're a team ;)

Wednesday is the BIG day.  Treadmill, you and I have a date- an hour of free play together.