Friday, September 28, 2012

5K Wash Away

Tomorrow is my first race of the season, and J's first event on foot.  She's signed up for a 1 mile dog walk, complete with a finisher's medal at the end.  I don't think the dog gets one.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Norman, I'm pretty sure the event will be moved to next weekend.  It's a logistical hassle considering I have a 10K next weekend, but doable.  Worst case scenario would actually be that they hold the event in the "torrential downpour" expected tomorrow.

Actually, the worst case is that we are physically unable to complete the commitment ourselves.

I am happy to be healthy and sparkly alive with my daughter by my side.

Have I said thank you today?

You bet I did!  When I woke up this morning!!

Thank you for the opportunities, challenges, and surprises that will greet me today.

Thank you for the bitch of a night I had yesterday that kept me from my run.  Dressed full gear, in my workout room, and ready to sweat, I wasn't able to get that treadmill going until 10:00 pm.  By then I decided a good night's rest was best.  We'll just refer to that delay as "technical difficulties"!  (Please stand by...)