Friday, September 21, 2012

Gotcha Hotcha!

I brought organic hot peppers for my team today, and had enough leftover for the receptionists.  I won't grow these again next year since we don't eat them.

It's time to pull out the bug-infested eggplant, powdery mildewed squashes and some of the unproductive tomatoes.  In goes kale!  Lettuce!  Chard!  Snap peas!  I adore my winter veggies!  I'm even planning to accompany the utilitarian with some ornamental.  Pansies!  Violets!  Johnny-Jump-Ups!

I love this time of year, when everything begins fresh.  A new grade level for J, the crisp air, the slightly bluer light in the sky, fashion week in New York heralding new and old trends, new athletics and arts seasons,  hopeful UT scholars crowding my commute to a standstill.  For me, it's a new age (38!!).  This time of year always feels like a renewal to me. 

I get to keep the lessons I've learned and try again on those that just haven't stuck yet.  Life tends to repeat the ones you refuse!  Stop trying to plant those big purple Russian tomatoes, girl!!  Yet the bluebonnets in my front yard survive the August heat every year without my intervention. 

I am happy.  In my life I have loved too deeply, tried too hard, hurt too much, not loved enough, not bothered to try, and not cared at all.  All I feel now is peace.  This is my life and I'm living it in every way that I want.

I am here.

In my garden.

I hope you enjoy my hot peppers.