Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Lessons

A renewal of hope- yeah, you heard me right.  I believe in hope.

I'm not hoping for any one thing in particular, just that life can be good and I'll be plenty okay. I wondered this morning why I've been feeling so great, and pinpointed that it happened sometime around my birthday.

A few years ago, I got tired of being fat.  I was sick of my own eating behavior and laziness.  I did something about it.  The new clothes I bought last weekend were all a solid size 4.
Then I noticed how much I drank, and I had enough of that behavior too.  Enough af that crapola.  I remember a wish I made on here once, to be like those people who can stop after two drinks.  Now I can stop before I begin, and I don't even think of it that way.

I also realized that I let other people live my life and "protect" me from the outside world (and possibly from myself).  Oh hell no.  That's no way to live.  Growing up isn't easy, and maybe I am still finding my wings.  Dragonflies remind me to soar. 

Very recently, I noticed that I still had a lack of faith in myself.  I didn't believe that hope was worthy of my time.  Can I be happy no matter what?  Do I need promises?  Guarantees?  No, I don't.  This is my life.  I dare to trust that whatever comes next will be right for the overall scheme of my life path.  It may not be wonderful every time, but it's mine.

Today is fabulous.  There are always challenges.  Ups and downs.

I love to dance in the kitchen.  Why bitch about the dishes?