Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Lighter Load

Thank you for that new number on the scale.  Sunday's ten miler will be a lighter burden.

My foot is doing okay.  It's a little sore since I've picked up the mileage, but hanging in there.

I did indeed have difficulty yesterday after I asked for it.  I spent an hour looking for my tennies after I was dressed and ready to run, then my new treadmill started hiccupping after 5 miles.  I hopped onto my ancient treadmill, which only allows an incline setting.  I had to reduce my speed.  I had also not planned for the extra work for my predetermined distance.  Too bad, finish the run.  Huff and puff.

That's not so bad, really, and that would have happened to me no matter what my behavior was.  The real kick in the butt was my own attitude.  Because I had been feeling foul for a couple days, every tiny little thing felt more of a nuisance than it had to be.

There was my lesson.  Most of my problems are self-inflicted.  If I can continue to find the joy, and not let the problems stand in the way, I can leap the hurdles and land on my feet.  Sometimes you have to work a little harder to reach the finish line, but you have to have faith that it's there.

My friends are always there on the sidelines, cheering me on.  I never finish alone, even if no one is actually standing there smiling at me. 

It's in my heart. 

Never forget your faith girl, it's the Source of your sparkle.