Tuesday, October 16, 2012


That series of migraines seems to be gone.  I didn't wait to be STRONG.

I did continue running, cleaning house, gardening, and even played tennis through that mess.  Tennis felt so good, so right.  J took excellent instruction, and I loved playing as it sprinkled on us.  What's a bit of dizziness, nausea, and blinding pain when the courts are calling?  When your daughter is begging for a lesson?  I missed a picnic and an awesome trail run that day, but what I gained at home was worth the loss.

Yoga today, an hour from now, makes me very happy.  I signed up for the entire six-week series.  I miss the solitude and physical exercise, and I have especially missed my teacher.  I didn't quite balance this with running over the last year, and have resolved to try harder.  This is important.

Release, release, release what I don't need or want.  Take in what makes me happy and full. 

This is my life and I'm living it LOUD.