Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Long Way

It's been about a year since I really took up running.  This time November, I felt dedicated, unsure, excited, stupid, sore, and well on my way to training for a December 5K race.  My real goal was a 5K a few months later at my alma mater.

I'm still dedicated, unsure, excited, stupid, and sore!  Whatever the distance, I run for myself and preferably to benefit some awesome cause.  As my feet pace out the pavement, my thoughts are calm and gentle.  I don't run in panic anymore.  Unexpected things happen in every race (My watch died! I'm out of nutrition!  I have serious blisters forming and miles to go!  I'm sick!  It's cold!  It's HOT!!) but it's all manageable and calmness prevails.

I used to run from myself.  I used to run to find something at the end.  I used to run only because I was encouraged by other people that this was a healthy thing to do.

Today I run because I am more alive between the start and finish than during any other alone time. 

I am waiting for nothing, depending on nobody else, and loving myself.