Friday, December 7, 2012


The Decker Half Marathon Challenge (not to be confused with the ARC Distance Challenge) is coming up Sunday.  These little hills can't even compare to last weekend's vineyard run!

I am happy to be fit and healthy, ready to sweat it out again.  Following this week's doc visit, I feel like I have a new lease and slightly different outlook on life.  I wonder how long that will last??

I'll take that inspiration while I can. 

The big questions:

What do I live for?  Still my kiddo!

Does it matter if I'm not going to be a sexy hot chick forever?  I guess that can't matter. It's really time to give that selfishness up. My ego gets in the way.

What makes me happy?  I've asked this so many times on this blog.  Independence.  Freedom.  The ability to follow through on my own decisions.

The room to change my mind as I damn well please ;)