Monday, February 18, 2013

26.2 Realness

My legs felt pretty good throughout this one. I ran slower than I would have liked, and took the same number of walk breaks.

I loved the run and the course. The people with tissue boxes really helped me out. I'm still sick and my chest hurts when I cough or press on it. I'm ready to be healthy again, and glad I got better in time for this incredible event. The chills, headache, and fever were mostly gone by Friday.

(Hey, when did my thunder thighs get left behind?)

50k coming right up, served with a side of anything-can-happen. Mid-march will find me running with Love.

Bigger and braver goals at Hell's Hills in April... Love there too.

I wouldn't do this if it didn't love me back. Running has given me a life I'd never dared to imagine.