Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dog Days

I think my dog has a lot to teach me.

I love to watch her through the kitchen window as she spends time on the back patio.  We have a doggie door, so it's her choice as to whether or not she hangs outside or inside.  If she sees me looking, she'll get excited and run inside.  So I hide my intruding eyes.

She likes to sit in the cushioned patio chairs, or if she wants to cool down or get a better view, she perches herself on the glass table top.  She twitches her nose at the scents that waft by, and she barks into the wind.

She gets confused by the schoolbus schedules.  Since J moved to a new school, she still thinks the old bus carries the kiddo home.  Wrong.  The new bus stops further away.  Christie still gets excited when she hears the old bus, but throughout the year, she seems to have learned that her excitement will come to no fruition.  Maybe it just serves as a timekeeper that the next bus with the kiddo is coming soon.

She's very smart, and has learned to "go".  This command is extreme;y useful.  She will "go" up the stairs or "go" out of the kitchen while I'm cooking, or even "go" away from the front door as I'm trying to answer it, although this is very difficult for her.  She is very excited about having company and likes to jump on people and scratch them all up.  All she wants is to be picked up, and she immediately turns into a docile little statue.  I can't expect my company to follow these rules, so the dog will have to control herself.

The lessons I'd like to learn from my dog:
  • Find happiness in the simplest moments
  • Adore your loved ones
  • Be excited to meet new people
  • Hope and be optimistic, especially if it's silly
  • Never stop learning, even if it doesn't come naturally
  • Trust that even when people go away, they will come home to you
  • Know that you belong in this big world that isn't so scary