Monday, April 1, 2013

Hell on Saturday

My favorite race, Hell's Hills, is this Saturday.  I had originally considered a 50 mile entry this year.  Then, having not recovered well following the Prickly Pear (I prefer to call it "The Big Prick") race in San Antonio last month, I decided to back down to a 50k.

Then, continuing to pull the same hip flexor in every training run and cross-training session, I decided to pull back further to a 25k.

Now I can only hope to go out for a 10k, and am seriously considering whether I should even bother with this event.  Is it worth $80 to run a 10k?  I could go out on my beloved trails and perform a slow, solo event for free, and enjoy the peaceful quiet that I just might need.  I need to learn to be comfortable on the greenbelt without my running partner, and I know it's perfectly safe to do so. 

I've decided not to run or train at all this week so I can see where I really stand on this bum leg.  This is easier said than done.  This girl needs a regular workout to stay sane.

Saturday is also my running club's annual picnic.  Part of me wants to avoid the entire event if I can't run it.  I can't say these people are my friends; I don't really know any of them that well.  Have I tried?  Lamely, in my quiet dumb ways.  I don't make friends easily.

Stupid hip flexor.  Stupid 10k.  Stupid expectations.

I'm glad to at least have different injuries this year.