Friday, May 10, 2013

She is Love

She's leaving on a jet plane.  By herself.  What have I allowed?  She is excited and scared to go see her aunt and gramma in FL.  She'll see her first school and her yellow house in St. Pete.  She'll visit the museums where I used to go to Arts Council meetings.  She'll be gone for seven weeks.

I love that she has this opportunity.

I love that I paid for it in cashola, directly from my account. 

I don't love take-offs and landings and everything in between.  Strangers looking at her. 

Please, please keep her safe.  Please bring her back home to her mama. 

By the time she is back, I will be a runner again.  I will be a yogini.  I will be nothing and everything, just as I am now.  All I really want in this life is to give and receive pure, happy love.