Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 3

Juice fasting has been quite an adventure!  Yesterday was tougher than the first day, but today is feeling pretty darn great.

My skin looks really good, a comment you've never heard from me.  I also feel unbelievably sedate.  Of course, I've lost weight as any fast will do, a total of four pounds.  I'm sure that's temporary, but I can't quite figure the mechanism.  I can't say it's water loss since I'm dinking so much fluid.

I am cheating a bit every night with some steamed produce.  I can't get past the idea of juicing broccoli and cabbage, and I didn't want to be quite so extreme.  Last night's dinner was steamed asparagus and broccoli.  The rest of the day I juice fruits and veggies, and I had a nice little V-8 concoction before bed as well.

I have to carry all that liquid to work.  It's heavy and I can smell the garlic in the V-8.  Soon my coworkers will smell it too ;)

How long will I go?  As long as I feel good and have positive results.  I think eating in the evenings is key for me.  I like that topped off full feeling, and I think I can cleanse and have my fiber too.

All things in moderation.

This week, I get to run/walk for fifteen minutes.