Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goodbye Mrs. C

I've been reading the latest Julia Child biography, Dearie, and finally finished late last night. I'd been drawing out the last chapter, hesitating to see it to the finish. 

I thought my delay had everything to do with my complete enjoyment of the book. It had been a full experience for me. As Julia traveled to various places, I looked those locations up online. When she struggled with her baguette recipe, I studied baguettes on the side and even bought one. I watched her cooking videos online and priced her various cookbooks. 

So I thought I just didn't want a great book to end, but the truth hit me as I read about her death. I quietly put the book down and allowed a moment. Except I didn't feel so dignified and in fact, cried like a big damn baby. 

Goodbye, brilliant and independent woman. You knew how to love.