Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monsoon Season

Lawn turf that is well-tended and watered springs back from under your feet after you walk on it.  You know it needs a good watering if it lies limp.

I've been setting an intention every morning to be good in my thoughts and maintain positivity.  I listen to lectures as I get myself ready for work, and appreciate the blessings that I have.  My life is hardly perfect, but I can work on certain things without feeling bad about them.  I don't rely on my day to make me happy; I have been starting those early hours that way. 

I've noticed that there are some really grumpy people around me.  Frowny faces and sour looks stomp themselves around the office and through stores.  Try crossing Lamar and Guadalupe at a crosswalk when it's your right of way; you'll see some seriously angry drivers (I was a fearless pedestrian yesterday!!)  I find myself to be an observer of these attitudes and able to leave the grump-a-lumps to themselves.  I spring back.

I didn't know I could find such peacefulness without my running shoes.  Without my tennis racket.  Without my yoga mat.  Without scrubbing the house top to bottom.  Without love by my side.  It's a constant glow that I can choose to set, because life is inherently good.  Children laugh because life begins good.  My day begins good, too.

I do run a little, and I did yoga yesterday with a lot of modifications.  I garden and I have so many friends, and a J in FL whom I dearly love.  French press coffee is mighty fine, and I recently learned the joy of a fresh mango, which should only be eaten hand to mouth, drippy over a kitchen sink.  Maybe at a backyard patio table.

I can't remember what I've been searching for, or so anxious about.  My career decisions feel so right, and patience will see them through.  I'm grateful I know what the next step is.  I have support form everyone who matters.

It's not raining here in the great state of TX, but I am well-tended. 

I belong wherever I am.