Friday, June 21, 2013

Now is Good

I finished my juice fast, which wasn't really a juice fast, on Tuesday.  I enjoyed a nice chicken breast at lunch from the museum cafe across the street.  It was okay.

Since then, I've added turkey breast, and last night had eggs.  Unfortunately, I oversalted and oversalsa-ed those juevos, and so regretted that choice.  I still haven't added anything like crackers or bread, or sugar.  Just the lean meats.  I also used a couple soft, steamy corn tortillas to hold my chicken yesterday.

I've been working out a little more this week, but just barely enough to break a sweat.  No, a "glisten". 

My hip hurts.  It's hurt for the last three days and I've glistened through it.

I can't imagine that I need to PT any slower.  I'm cleared to be doing this level of activity, and eventually insurance will stop paying the ticket.  It's been 3 months and two weeks since I fractured my hip and 8 weeks since I finally got myself into PT to fix it.  The psoas is healing slower than the cracked hip, and is more painful.

I'll rest today, meaning I'll do some arm work.  Even core activity is out because the psoas connects to the inside of my hip bones and reacts to sit-ups.  Great.

In all, I lost four pounds on my little juice plan.  I've kept it off and can't wait to have another go at it.  For now, I'm adding the lean proteins so I can sculpt a bit of muscle with my increased activity.

Hopefully, a day of rest will be just what the doctor ordered.

My goal today is to remember a message I heard this morning:  I can love my life even if I don't love every circumstance in my life. 

Because when is everything going to be perfect?  I am happy.